The Kickerandbles

The Kickerandbles

When the Bloody Evil Kidnaps the beloved Audience Intersect from the Asskickers Nation, the Kickerandbles will stand in his way and teach him a lesson he won’t Forget.
The Movie of the Year Featuring :
Yousef Khalidi , Elad Daskal Akbar Sheikh

Don’t miss this one ! We’re going to give our all powers to get you back on the fucking TRACK !

As mentioned before , Elad will take someone’s campaign and do the targeting using Audience Insights LIVE ! A lot of stuff coming too so go buy Bananas, a lot of popcorn , a new SUIT and COME ! No PAJAMAS are allowed !

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  1. AbuSteevoo
    AbuSteevoo3 years ago

    Amazing <3

  2. ali35
    ali353 years ago

    that’s awesome thank’s all

  3. sarkar1990
    sarkar19903 years ago

    Watching now! Before I launch my new campaign. 😀

  4. John Adam
    John Adam3 years ago

    Thanks to you all for your efforts .

  5. Yousef Khalidi ( TAK)
    Yousef Khalidi ( TAK)3 years ago

    My Pleasure Kickerittos 😀 😉

  6. Roger
    Roger3 years ago

    Great Video and advice. Thank you for this!

  7. Tassy
    Tassy3 years ago

    Priceless piece of nugget.!!

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