The Photoshop Powers You Need For Shirts Designs

The Photoshop Powers You Need For Shirts Designs

Hey There Kickerittos,
This video will contain all the powers you need to design your own shit !
Most of the killing designs are simple ones, and with this video you’ll know how to design simple things ..
Enjoy and let me know what happens to you after you watch it!


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  1. fuckoffsef
    fuckoffsef3 years ago

    Bhai too Good 😉 Keep Going !!!

  2. abdelhalim
    abdelhalim3 years ago

    so fucking helpful!! i salute you sir!

  3. RinorBehluli
    RinorBehluli3 years ago

    Very helpful thanks 🙂

  4. crystaleyes1212
    crystaleyes12123 years ago

    Super helpful to me !!!

  5. gangi
    gangi3 years ago

    ohh that Magic eraser thing is really cool. I didn’t know abt it until I saw this. Thanks a million!!!!

  6. Walker Raajethere
    Walker Raajethere3 years ago

    I cant thank you enough man! All the videos are just awsome!

  7. hadas
    hadas3 years ago

    i was looking for somthing like this for soooo long! thank you yousef!!!

  8. TassMania
    TassMania3 years ago

    Very cool. Thanks!

    BAKKARI3 years ago

    you save me !

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