How to open your own Tshirts Shopify Store

How to open your own Tshirts Shopify Store

A post by the Superior Godmother Karen Bourner. 

“On Tuesday I opened my Shopify Store – using Printful to print and ship the orders and I have to say that I am very pleased with my first 5 days!

I know this wont be of interest to most of you, the big tippers, doing campaigns – but it may be of interest to some, who have been building a brand, like I’ve been doing.

In 5 days I have received 49 orders (64 shirts ordered) after Printful take out their costs I have $579.47 profit – I’ve spent $150 on ads – so ROI = 286.31%

A good thing about having a store is that if people like your stuff they buy more than one shirt design! Others buy 2 of the same shirt but in different colours smile emoticon

If you’re interested in opening your own t-shirt store watch this video – it’s what made me decide to go for it!

For the full post & Lots of Golden Nuggets, Click Here.


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