What is ORM ? How could it destroy your business if not well treated ?

What is ORM ? How could it destroy your business if not well treated ?

What is ORM you say ? What is wrong with me today you say ?
Well, let me tell you something, i’m still sober , i haven’t lost it all yet – So listen to what this post says if you want to save your online business!

I’ll begin giving a flashback of my experience dealing with this miserable thing. I used to work in a Forex company, where i was in charge of SEO and ranking some Jumbo Mumbo keywords that drove millions to that damn company! We all watched “The Wolf Of Wall Street” (if not i recommend it big time) and we saw how much those sharks were making money out of people who didn’t know thing about trading!

Some time later, i was in charge of the ORM, which stands for Online Reputation Management . And here i want to point out that it was the HARDEST thing for me ! I worked very hard to clean the bad reputation my company had! We were losing a lot of potential customers because of the reputation! Each time someone googled the company’s name, he’d see some SHITTY stuff all over the first pages in google. Eventually i succeeded BIG time to overcome the 100% awful results, but i never got to the IDEAL 100% clean situation! I always was left with 2-3 superior domains that would never be erased no matter what !

So, now and after reading the above – Let me stress that ORM is the most important thing every ONLINE business should give the HIGHEST PRIORITY to ! No matter how good your product is, no matter how you’re trustworthy, a couple of bad review could RUIN all what you invested in !

Some tips to keep yourself in a good situation :

  1.  Give the customer support your HIGHEST priority ! Make sure you only have satisfied customers.
  2. Offer a REFUND to unsatisfied customers. I’d rather pay $10K refunds instead of ruining my reputation (eventually will lead to ruin your business)
  3. Go to Google Alerts, and hook it up with your brand name  as shown in the below image – this will give you the power to review EVERYTHING google indexes that includes your brand name !  You’ll get an email each time your “keyword” is mentioned.
  4.  Build your social presence ! Build social profiles that will rank well in google ! Use youtube, google+, facebook, twitter, linkedin, tumblr, pinterest, crunchbase, forbes, Try to create a wiki page although not guaranteed, youtube channel ! You can check your competitors and see what they’ve done to overcome this and do the same basically !
  5. Always google what people would look for if they suspect you ! Possible queries ( will use the company name ” Kootchi Mootchi” in here for example – credit to Vadimovic my pal ) :
    “Kootchi Mootchi  scam”,  ” Is Kootchi Mootchi legit ” ,  ” is Kootchi Mootchi scam” , “Kootchi Mootchi review” etc….

Remember, ORM should be #1 priority ! 

Adios Now

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