Adnan Kasem Success

Adnan Kasem Success

First things first, I want to thank my brother Yousef Khalidi for everything he has done for me and this group. I joined this group like 10 months ago hoping I can help my family out with bills, rent etc. And I finally started making money about two months ago with shopify.
Yousefs video tutorials were the most important thing to me, I wouldn’t have had any success without him. Had my first thousand dollar day a few weeks back and I am at 11k for the month and 22k for the 90 days but my 90 day number is more like a 60 day because I wasn’t making money until two months ago.
I told yousef I want to donate 100$ for ad spend to anyone he believes deserves it so I will let him decide how to do that. I just want to give back to the group that gave me sooo much. Of course yousef has been so much help and some of the other asskicker like the man Akbar sheikh, Kevin Reid, Will and many more. I am sure I am forgetting so many peoples name that helped me from this group but it will take all day to name everyone that helped me. I love this group, its the number one ecom group on Facebook. All you need is this group and motivation to be successful in this business. Never fucking give up, asskicker never do and never will!!



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