‎Khánh Lê‎ Quitted His Job And Made 10 Times His Salary

‎Khánh Lê‎ Quitted His Job And Made 10 Times His Salary

Today is about 1 month since I have a conversation with Yousef by chance. At that time I have sold only about 50 shirts (I started this business from late April this year) and struggling with my 8-5 daily job with a shitty salary $300/month. I want to quit that job for months but still hesitate mostly because I thought I need that to care for my family. But he told me If I thought that way ($300 is good for my family) so I’m a fucking coward, he told if I really care for my family I need to make a serious move very soon! His words really kick my ass, and I need that for sure. 2 weeks later, I quit that job and it is the result till now. Profit is about $3000, it’s 10 times of my salary, it maybe not so much for many of you here but it big for me and give me believe and determine in new part of my life.

So I need to share it firstly to show my respect and my thanks to YOUSEF THE KICKFATHER and ALL THE GREAT PEOPLE here who contribute to this awesome community, and to courage who still in struggle that you can do that for sure if you really want it so bad!

I also want to thank Røbert who bring me to this group and gave me access to his 90k fanpage just after our first conversation when I spam a shirt in his page lol, do not talk much with you after that, it kind of crazy Robert!!! Many good people are still here and thanks Hồ Tấn Nhật Hào you also give me many motivation after your post with 10k profit yeah I know you make much more now right now bro.

Thank you all!!!


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